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    Hun Joon Kim
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Political Science and International Relations
    Korea University
    Research Interests:
       - International norms and institutions
       - International human rights and transitional justice
       - International relations theory
       - International ethics
    Contact Information:
          Department of Politics and International Relations
          Korea University 
          145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu
          Seoul 136-713, Korea 
          Tel: +82-2-3290-2199
          E-mail: hunjoon7(at)korea.ac.kr
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  • Publications


    Hun Joon Kim. 2014. The Massacres at Mt Halla: Sixty Years of Truth-Seeking in South Korea. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. ea. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
    Renee Jeffery and Hun Joon Kim (eds.) 2014. Transitional Justice in the Asia Pacific. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 


    Refereed Journal Articles

    Hun Joon Kim and Jason Sharman. 2014. "Account and Accountability: Corruption, Human Rights, and the Individual Accountability Norm," International Organization 68(2): 417-448. 
    Kathryn Sikkink and Hun Joon Kim. 2013. “Justice Cascades,” Annual Review of Law and Social Science 9:269-285 
    Hun Joon Kim and Kathryn Sikkink. 2013. "How to Human Rights Prosecutions Improve Human Rights after Transition?" Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law 7(1): 69-90  
    Hun Joon Kim. 2012. "Trial and Error in Transitional Justice: Learning from South Korea's Truth Commissions," Buffalo Human Rights Law Review 19(1): 125-167  
    Hun Joon Kim, 2012. "Local, National, and International Determinants of Truth Commission: The South Korean Experience," Human Rights Quarterly 34(3): 726-750 
    Hun Joon Kim, 2012. "Structural Determinants of Human Rights Prosecutions after Democratic Transition," Journal of Peace Research 49(2): 305-320  
    Hun Joon Kim and Kathryn Sikkink. 2010. “Explaining the Deterrence Effect of Human Rights Prosecutions for Transitional Countries,” International Studies Quarterly 54(4): 939-963 
    Geoff Dancy, Hun Joon Kim, and Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm. 2010. “The Turn to Truth: Trends in Truth Commission Experimentation,” Journal of Human Rights 9(1): 45-64 
    Hun Joon Kim. 2009. “Seeking Truth after Fifty Years: The National Committee for Investigation of the Truth about the Jeju 4.3 Events,” International Journal of Transitional Justice 3(3): 406-423 
    Michael N. Barnett, Hun Joon Kim, Madalene O’Donnell, and Laura Sitea. 2007. “Peacebuilding: What Is In a Name?” Global Governance 13: 35-58 
    Other Publications  
    Hun Joon Kim. 2013. “What Is Transitional Justice and Why Is It Relevant to South Korea?” Social Science Korea (SSK) Human Rights Brief No. 4.
    Hun Joon Kim. 2013. “Truth Commissions in South Korea: Lesson Learned” Middle East-Asia Project (MAP) on Pathways to Transitional Justice in the Arab World – Reflections on the Asia Pacific Experience.
    Hun Joon Kim. 2013. “Transitional Justice: Politics of Memory and Reconciliation.” In Memory and Trauma in International Relations: Theories, Cases and Debates. Edited by Dovile Budryte and Erica Resende (London: Routledge): 30-41.
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    Hun Joon Kim. 2012. “Introduction to the Review Symposium on Kathryn Sikkink’s The Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions are Changing World Politics,” Journal of Human Rights 11(2): 280-282.
    Hun Joon Kim. 2011. “Political Legitimacy in South Korea.” In Political Legitimacy in Asia: New Leadership Challenges. Edited by John Kane, Hui-Chieh Loy, and Haig Patapan (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan): 217-237.
    Flora Bolter, Susana Galan, and Hun Joon Kim. 2005. “Xenophobia and Discrimination in Frankfurt/Oder as Experienced by Foreign Student of Europa Universität Viadrina.” In Transborder Relations. Edited by Michael Minkenberg (Berlin: Pro Business): 99-117.


  • Research

    International Human Rights and Transitional Justice

    "Theoretical Implication of Transitional Justice Practices in the Asia Pacific countries" (with Renee Jeffery)
    "The Report of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights Violations in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea"
    "Reporting North Korean Refugees in China: The Case of US Department of State Human Rights Report"
    "Critical Dialogue: Activism in South Korea"


    International Norm Diffusion Theory

    "Norms, Investigation and Theorization: A Structural Explanation of Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Norm Diffusion" (with Jason Sharman)
    "The Contours of the Global Sovereign Order: Universal Rights"


    Chinese International Relations Theory

    "Chinese International Relations Theory: Prospects and Challenges"


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