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Prof. Jongyun Kim (김종윤)

Tel: 02-3290-3011

Fax: 02-3290-3040

E-mail: jongkim@korea.ac.kr

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    Office: 고려대학교 생명과학관 서관 515호

    식물환경조절공학실험실 (KUCEP): 고려대학교 생명과학관 서관 L514호

    Office: Life Science West-Building Rm 515

    Controlled Environment for Plant Production Lab (KUCEP): Life Science West-Buildling Rm L514

  • Curriculum


    Ph.D. - The University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia, USA
       • Ph.D., Major in Horticulture
       • Dissertation topic: Water relations of bedding plants: water use, drought physiology, and gene expression

    M.S. -  Korea University – Seoul, Korea
      • Master of Science in Agriculture, Major in Floriculture
      • Thesis subject: Changes in leaf color of hedera helix, hypoestes phyllostachya, and pilea cadierei under various indoor light intensity

    B.S. - Korea University – Seoul, Korea
      • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Department of Horticultural Science, College of Natural Resources

     Work and Professional Experience

     • Assistant Professor, 2015–Present, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
     • Editorial Board, 2016–Present, Korean Society for Bio-Environmental Control
     • Editorial Board, 2016–Present, Korean Society for People, Plants, and Environment
     • Editorial Board, 2016–Present, Korean Society for Floricultural Science
     • Board Member, 2015–Present, Korean Society for Horticultural Science
     • Assistant Professor, 2013–2015, Pai Chai University, Daejeon, South Korea
     • Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2011–2013, University of Maryland
     • Graduate Research Assistant, 2007–2011, University of Georgia
     • President of Korean Student Association, 2009–2010, University of Georgia
     • Vice President of Horticulture Graduate Student Association, 2008–2009, University of Georgia
     • Volunteer Service in IHC 2006, Seoul, Korea (Aug 2006)
     • Korea Overseas Volunteer in the Philippines (Aug 2002–Feb 2005)
       - Horticulturist. Provincial Agriculturist Office, Negros Oriental, the Philippines
       - Korea International Cooperation Agency

  • Publication


    Rhie, Y.H. and J. Kim. 2017. Changes in physical properties of various coir dust and perlite mixes and their capacitance sensor VWC calibrations. HortScience 26:162-166.


    Rhie, Y.H.*, J. Kim*, S.Y. Lee, and K.S. Kim. 2016. Non-deep simple morphophysiological dormancy in seeds of heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica Thunb.). Sci. Hort. 210:180-187. (*co-first author)

    Kim, H.J.*, J. Kim*, D.L. Yun, K.S. Kim, and Y.J. Kim. 2016. Growth and flowering of Doritaenopsis Queen Beer ‘Mantefon’ as affected by different potting substrates. Hort. J. 85:360-365. (*co-first author)

    Kwon, M.H., J. Kim, C. Seo, C.W. Lee, E.J. Jang, and W.-K. Lee. 2016. Education programs in public children’s gardens in the United States. HortTechnology 26:70-82.


    Kwon, M.H., C. Seo, J. Kim, M. Kim, C.H. Pak, and W.-K. Lee. 2015. Current status of children’s gardens within public gardens in the United States. HortTechnology 25:671-680.

    Oh, J.H., B.H. Min, D.C. Kim, and J. Kim. 2015. Effect of pinching and daminozide spray on growth and flowering of two garden mum cultivars ‘Candy Ball’ and ‘Fancy Ball’. Flower Res. J. 23:144-150.


    Kim, J. 2014. Efficient irrigation through soil moisture sensor based automated irrigation system in ornamental plant production. Flower Res. J. 22: 48-53.

    Starry, O., J.D. Lea-Cox, J. Kim, and M.W. van Iersel. 2014. Photosynthesis and water use by two Sedum species in green roof substrate. Environ. Exp. Bot. 107:105-112

    Kim, S.J., C.H. Lee, J. Kim, and K.S. Kim. 2014. Phylogenetic analysis of Korean native Chrysanthemum species based on morphological characteristics. Sci. Hort. 175: 278-289.

    Kim, S., T. Ha, J. Kim, D. Chang, and K. Kim. 2014. Classification of Korean Chrysanthemum species based on volatile compounds using cluster analysis and principal component analysis. J. Kor. Soc. Appl. Biol. Chem. 57:789-796.

    Kim, S.J., T.J. Ha, J. Kim, J.H. Nam, D.L. Yoo, J.T. Suh, and K.S. Kim. 2014. Volatile flavor compounds in the leaves of fifteen taxa of Korean native Chrysanthemum species. Kor. J. Hort. Sci. Technol. 32:558-570.

    Kim, J., J.D. Lea-Cox, M. Chappell, and M.W. van Iersel. 2014. Wireless sensors networks for optimization of irrigation, production, and profit in ornamental production. Acta Hort. 1037: 643-649.

    Jang H.S., J. Kim, K.S. Kim, C.H. Pak. 2014. Human brain activity and emotional responses to plant color stimuli. Color Res. Appl. 39:307-316.


    Yang, E-M, H-M. Kang, J-M. Kim, J. Kim, H-S. Jang, and C.H. Pak. 2013. Changes in perceived colors of cut roses under florist shop lighting. J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 82:170-178.


    Kim, J., A. Malladi, and M.W. van Iersel. 2012. Physiological and molecular responses to drought in Petunia: the importance of stress severity. J. Exp. Bot. 63:6335-6345.

    Kim, J., S.W. Kang, C.H. Pak, and M.S. Kim. 2012. Changes in leaf variegation and coloration of english ivy and polka dot plant under various indoor light intensity. HortTechnology 22:49-55.


    Kim, J. and M.W. van Iersel. 2011. Slowly-developing drought stress increases photosynthetic acclimation of Catharanthus roseus. Physiol. Plant. 143:166-177.

    Kim, J., M.W. van Iersel, and S. Burnett. 2011. Estimating daily water use of two petunia cultivars based on plant and environmental factors. HortScience 46:1287-1293.

    Kim, J. and M.W. van Iersel. 2011. Abscisic acid drenches can reduce water use and extend shelf life of Salvia splendens. Scientia Hort. 127:420-423.

    Ogden, A.B., J. Kim, C.A. Radcliffe, M.W. van Iersel, L.A. Donovan, A. Sugiyama. 2011. Leaf and bud temperatures of southern highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) inside high tunnels. Acta Hort. 893:1319-1325.

  • Research

    Controlled Environment for Plant Production

     - ICT (Information Communication Technology) Application in Horticultural Crop Production
     - Plant Factory
     - Automated Irrigation / Fertigation System through Soil Moisture Sensors
     - LED Artificial Light Effects on Plant Growth and Secondary Metabolites
     - Horticultural Substrate Dynamics
     - Plant Propagation
     - Urban Horticulture

  • Teaching

    <Undergraduate Courses>

    LIBT240 Plant Propagation

    LIBT367 Plant Factory (Controlled Environment for Plant Production)

    <Graduate Courses>

    BSY503 Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design

    BPH602 Plant Physiology and Ecology for Horticultural Crops

    BPH812 Advanced Protected Horticulture

    JDI526 Research Methods

  • Lab Members

    <Graduate Students>

    Seonhwan Kang (MS 2015-Present)

    Suyun Nam (MS 2017-Present)

    <Undergraduate Students>

    Kijun Kwon (KU Biotechnology, 2017-Present)