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    준비 중입니다.

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    Ph.D., 1997-2001, Crop and Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, USA
    M.S., 1990-1992, Crop Science, Korea University, Korea
    B.S., 1986-1990, Crop Science, Korea University, Korea
    Professional Experiences 
    2005-present,  Professor, Division of Bioscience and Technology, College of Life   Sciences, Korea University, Korea

    2001-2005, Post-Doctoral Associate, Plant Breeding, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, USA

    1997-2001, Research Associate, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, USA


  • Publication



    Woo-kyoung Shin, Wook Kim , Yookyung Kim

    Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of a low-fat tofu produced using supercritical CO2 extracted soy flour.

    Food Sci. Biotechnol. SCIE


    Wook Kim* , Yao Qin

    Effect of heating temperature on the particle size distribution in waxy wheat flour.

    Journal of Cereal Science. SCI


    Hyunjung Jin, Jihye Do, Soo-Jeong Shin, Joon Weon Choi, Young Im Choi, Wook Kim* , Mi Kwon

    Exogenously applied 24-epi brassinolide reduces lignification and alters cell wall carbohydrate biosynthesis in the secondary xylem of Liriodendron tulipifera.

    Phytochemistry. SCI



    Evolutionary History of Trihelix Familyand Their Functional Diversification.





    김재윤 , 권 혁 , 이용호 , 홍선희 , 손용석 , 김 욱 *

    면실 종자의 발아억제를 위한 전처리 조건 연구

    Korean J. Crop Sci. 학진등재지


    Y. Qin, M. A. Kabir, H. W. Wang, Y. H. Lee, S. H. Hong, J. Y. Kim, M. J. Yook, D. S. Kim, C. S. Kim, H. Kwon, W. Kim*

    Assessment of genetic diversity and relationships based on RAPD and AFLP analyses in Miscanthus genera landraces.

    Canadian Journal of Plant Science. SCI


    Sahng-Wook Hahm, Heyin Son, Wook Kim , Young-Kyoon Oh, Yong-Suk Son

    Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Nutrient Composition, Anti-nutritional Factors, In vitro Digestibility and Ruminal Degradation of Whole Cotton Seed

    Journal of Animal Science and Technology. 학진등재지


    Yao Qin, Xing Wei Guo, Lei Li, Hong Wei Wang, Wook Kim*

    The Antioxidant Property of Chitosan Green Tea Polyphenols Complex Induces Transglutaminase Activation in Wound Healing.



    Thirupathi Karuppanapandian, Wook Kim*

    Cobalt-induced oxidative stress causes growth inhibition associated with enhanced lipid peroxidation and activates antioxidant responses in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) leaves.

    Acta Physiol Plant. SCIE



    Optimization of the effect of physical treatment on soybean trypsin inhibitor activity by response surface methodology.

    Res. on Crops. SCIE


    Doo-Jee Shin, Wook Kim , Yookyung Kim

    Physicochemical and sensory properties of soy bread made with germinated, steamed, and roasted soy flour.

    Food Chemistry. SCI





    HONG WEI Wang, SUN-GOO Hwang, THIRUPATHI Karuppanapandian, AIHUA Liu, WOOK Kim* , and CHEOL SEONG Jang

    Insight into the Molecular Evolution of Non-Specific Lipid Transfer Proteins via Comparative Analysis Between Rice and Sorghum.




    Crops in human life : Comparative medicinal use of plants by Rakhain tribes living in forested and non-forested regions in Bangladesh.



    Hyong Seok Park, Yong Ho Lee, Wook Kim , Hee Jung Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim

    Disinfection of wheat grains contaminated with Penicillium oxalicum spores by a supercritical carbon dioxide-water cosolvent system



    이태성 , 이영화 , 김광수 , 김 욱 , 김관수 , 장영석 , 박광근

    식물성 기름의 혼합을 통한 지방산 조성 및 이화학적 특성 변화

    Korean J. Plant Res. 학진등재지


    이태성 , 이영화 , 김광수 , 김 욱 , 김관수 , 장영석 , 박광근

    동 · 식물성 유지를 이용한 바이오디젤 생산에 관한 연구

    New & Renewable Energy. 학진등재지


    Youngsun Kwon, Md. Alamgir Kabir, HongWeiWang, Thirupathi Karuppanapandian, Jun-Cheol Moon, Ki Hyun Ryu, Gung Pyo Lee, Wook Kim*.

    Elimination of pepper mild mottle virus from infected tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana L.) plants by callus culture and the sieving technique.






    T. Karuppanapandian, H. W. Wang, N. Prabakaran, K. Jeyalakshmi, M. Kwon, K. Manoharan and W. Kim*.

    2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-induced leaf senescence in mung bean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) and senescence inhibition by co-treatment with silver nanoparticles.

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. SCI


    T. Karuppanapandian, Jun-Cheol Moon, Changsoo Kim, Kumariah Manoharan and Wook. Kim*.

    Reactive oxygen species in plants: their generation, signal transduction, and scavenging mechanisms.



    Dahyun Moon, Soo-Jeong Shin, Joon Weon Choi, Jong-Sug Park, Wook Kim , Mi Kwon.

    Chemical modification of secondary xylem under tensile stress in the stem of Liriodendron tulipifera.

    Ferest Science and Technology. 학진등재지



    Hyunjung Jin, Jihye Do, Dahyun Moon, Eun Woon Noh, Wook Kim* , Mi Kwon.

    EST analysis of functional genes associated with cell wall biosynthesis and modification in the secondary xylem of the yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) stem during early stage of tension wood formation.

    Planta. SCI


    Ji Hae Lee, Hee-jin Jun, Yaoyao Jia, Wook Kim* , Sung-Gil Choi, and Sung-Joon Lee.

    Critical Role of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-delta on Body Fat Reduction in C57BL/6J and Human Apolipoprotein E2 Transgenic Mice Fed Delipidated Soybean.






    QIN Yao, WANG Hong-wei, Thirupathi Karuppanapandian, Wook Kim*.

    Chitosan green tea polyphenol complex as a released control compound for wound healing

    Chinese Journal of Traumatology. SCIE


    Yong Ho Lee, Jun-Cheol Moon, Hong Wei Wang, Dong-Jin Lee,Hyung-Jin Baek, Young-Seok Jang, Wook Kim*.

    Modelling of Maize cross-pollination by pollen dispersal using exponential decline model.

    Korean. J. Intl. Agri. 학진등재지


    Nure Ferdousee, Md. Alamgir Kabir, Romel Ahmed, Mi Kwon, A.T.M. Rafiqul Hoque, M. Mohiuddin, Wook Kim*.

    Water Stress Effects on Growth of Dipterocarpus turbinatus Seedlings.

    Forest Sci and Tech. 학진등재지


    Hong Wei Wang, Hyuk Jin Kwon, Won Cheol Yim, Sung Don Lim, Jun-Cheol Moon, Byung-Moo Lee, Yong Weon Seo, Wook Kim* , Cheol Seong Jang.

    Expressional diversity of wheat nsLTP genes: evidence of subfunctionalization via cis-regulatory divergence.

    Genetica. SCI


    Jae Hyun Seo, Su Young Woo, Wook Kim , Mi Kwon.

    Characterization of T-DNA Insertional Mutant of Formaldehyde-Responsive Protein1.

    J. Korean For. Soc. 학진등재지


    T. Karuppanapandian, H. W. Wang, T. Karuppudurai, J. Rajendhran, M. Kwon, C. S. Jang, S.-H. Kim, K. Manoharan, Wook Kim* .

    Efficiency of RAPD and ISSR markers in assessing genetic diversity and relationships in black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) varieties.

    Canadian Journal of Plant Science. SCI


    Yong Ho Lee, Youngsun Kwon, Hong Wei Wang, Su Jung Lee, Kabir MD Alamgir, T. Karuppana Pandian, Sun Hee Hong, Dong-Jin Lee, Hyung-Jin Baek, Young-Seok Jang, Wook Kim* .

    Modelling of cross-pollination of maize using gamma model.

    Korean J Crop Sci. 학진등재지


    S.G. Seo, J.S. Kim, Y.S. Yang, B.K. Jun, S. W. Kang, G. P. Lee, W. Kim . J. B. Kim, H.U. Lee, S. H. KIm.

    Cloning and characterization of the new multiple stress responsible gene I (MuSI) from sweet potato.

    Genes & Genomics. SCIE





    Sang-Gyu Seo, Ie-Sung Shim, Shinsuke Fujihara and Wook Kim* .

    Effects of various chemical agents and early ethylene production on the floral senescence of Hybiscus syriacus L.

    Plant Growth Regulation. SCI


    이동진 , 김욱 , 백형진 , 장영석 , 백소현 , 김헌웅 , 윤이관 , 이재성 , 이광식

    제초제 저항성 및 기능성 GM 벼와 Non-GM 벼의 농업적 특성 및 기능성분 비교

    한국국제농업개발학회 . 학진등재지 .


    D.S. KIM, S.Y. KIM, I.Y. JEONG, J.-B. KIM, G.-J. LEE, S.-Y. KANG and W. KIM .

    Improvement of ginsenoside production by Panax ginseng adventitious roots induced by γ -irradiation.

    Biologia Plantarum. SCIE


    D.S. KIM, C.S. JANG, J.-B. KIM, G.-J. LEE, S.-Y. KANG, W. KIM and Y.W. SEO.

    Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with 5-methyltryptophan resistance in rice mutants.

    Biologia Plantarum. SCIE


    Kim, Kyung-Moon; Song, In-Ja; Lee, Hyo-Yeon; Raymer, Paul; Kim, Beom-Seok; Kim, Wook* .

    Development of Seashore Paspalum Turfgrass with Herbicide Resistance.

    Korean J Crop Sci. 학진등재지






    Sang Gon Kim, Sun Tae Kim, Sun Young Kang, Yiming Wang, Wook Kim , Kyu Young Kang.

    Proteomic analysis of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related proteins in rice roots.

    Plant Cell Reports. SCI


    Seong Su HONG, Seon A LEE, Xiang Hua HAN, Min Hee LEE, Ji Sang HWANG, Jeong Sook PARK, Ki-Wan OH, Kun HAN, Myung Koo LEE, Heesoon LEE, Wook KIM , Dongho LEE, and Bang Yeon HWANG.

    Melamopolides from the leaves of Smallanthus sonchifolius and their inhibitory activity of LPS-induced Nitric Oxide production Type.

    Chem. Pharm. Bull. SCI


    Jeong-Jun Yoon, Chang-Jun Cha, Yeong-Suk Kim, Wook Kim* .

    Degradation of cellulose by the major endoglucanase produced from the brown-rot fungus Fomitopsis pinicola.

    Biotechnology Letters. SCI


    Cheol Seong Jang, Won Cheol Yim, Jun-Cheol Moon, Je Hyeong Jung, Tong Geon Lee, Sung Don Lim, Seon Hae Cho, Kwang Kook Lee, Wook Kim , Yong Weon Seo, Byung-Moo Lee.

    Evolution of non-specific lipid transfer protein (nsLTP) genes in the Poaceae family: their duplication and diversity.

    Molecular genetics and genomics. SCI


    K. K. Lee, J. Y. Yoon, C. S. Jang, S. Y. Kim, T. H. Kim, K. H. Ryu and W. Kim* .

    Abnormal cell division caused by inclusion bodies in E. coli; increased resistance against external stress.

    Microbiological Research. SCIE


    J. Y. Yoon, G. S. Choi, S. K. Choi, J. S. Hong, J. K. Choi, W. Kim , G. P. Lee and K. H. Ryu.

    Molecular and biological diversities of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus from Cucurbitaceous crops in Korea.

    Journal of Phytopathology. SCI


    Sang In Shim, Jun-Cheol Moon, Cheol Seong Jang, Paul Raymer, Wook Kim* .

    Effect of Potassium Nitrate Priming on Seed Germination of Seashore Paspalum.

    HortScience. SCI





    Cheol Nam Park, Dongho Lee, Wook Kim , Yong-Soo Hong, Jong Seog Ahn, Beom Seok Kim.

    Antifungal activity of salaceyin A against Colletotrichum orbiculare and Phytophthora capsici.

    Journal of Basic Microbiology. SCI


    Cheol Seong Jang, Jae Hyeong Jung, Won Cheol Yim, Byung – Moo Lee, Yong Weon Seo, Wook Kim* .

    Divergence of Genes encoding non-specific Lipid transfer proteins in the Poaceae family.

    Molecules and Cells. SCI


    홍선희 , 심상인 , 이용호 , 나채선 , 김욱 , 강병화 .

    중북부 지방에서 자운영 재배에 따른 작기 이동이 논잡초 발생에 미치는 영향 .

    한국잡초학회지 . 학진등재지


    Chae Sun Na, Yong Ho Lee, Sun Hee Hong, Cheol Seong Jang, Byeung Hoa Kang, Jong Ki Lee, Tae-Ho Kim, Wook Kim* .

    Changes of seed quality of Chinese Milk Vetch during seed developmental stages.

    Korean J Crop Sci. 학진등재지





    J. S. Shin, P. Raymer, and W. Kim* .

    Environmental Factors Influencing Germination in Seeded Seashore Paspalum.

    HortScience. SCI


    M.L. Wang, Z.B. Chen, N.A. Barkley, M.L. Newman, W. Kim , P. Raymer and G.A. Pederson.

    Characterization of Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum Swartz) Germplasm by Transferred SSRs from Wheat, Maize and Sorghum.

    Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. SCIE


    Yong Ho Lee, Sun Hee Hong, Byeung Hoa Kang, Jong Ki Lee, Sang In Shim, Wook Kim* .

    Effect of stratification on the Dormancy of Chinese Milk Vetch Seeds (Astragalus sinicus L.).

    Korean J. Plant Breeding. 학진등재지





    W. Kim* , J. W. Johnson, P. S. Baenziger, A. J. Lukaszewski and C. S. Gaines.

    Quality effect of Wheat-rye (1R) translocation in ‘Pavon 76’.

    Plant Breeding. SCI




    W. Kim , S. G. Choi. W. L. Kerr, J. W. Johnson, and C. S. Gaines.

    Effect of heating temperature on particle size distributions in hard and soft wheat flour.

    Journal of Cereal Science. SCI


    W. Kim , J. W. Johnson, P. S. Baenziger, A. J. Lukaszewski, and C. S. Gaines.

    Agronomic effect of wheat-rye translocation carrying rye chromatin (1R) from different sources.

    Crop Science. SCI





    W. Kim , J. W. Johnson, R. A. Graybosch and C. S. Gaines.

    Physicochemical properties and end-use quality of wheat starch as a function of waxy protein alleles.

    Journal of Cereal Science. SCI


    W. Kim , J. W. Johnson, R. A. Graybosch, and C. S. Gaines.

    The effect of T1DL.1RS wheat-rye chromosomal translocation on agronomic performance and end-use quality of soft wheat.

    Cereal Research Communications. SCIE




    ◎ 단행본 - 역서


    김욱 외 6 인 공역 . 2007. 식물 발달학 (Mechanism in Plant Development). 월드사이언스 .

    김욱 외 32 인 공저 . 2010. 식물육종학 . 향문사 . 


  • Research


    Research Projects

    친환경 유기축산 기반조성을 위한 LMO 면실의 가공처리 방법에 따른 발아능력 조사
    농촌진흥청 2011-2012

    산소수의 식물성장에 미치는 효과
    기업 2010-2011

    바이오에너지 작물의 자원순환 체계 및 연료 활용도 제고기술 개발
    농촌진흥청 2010-2012

    유용천연물 탐색을 위한 자생식물 자원의 재배 및 선발
    경농 2010-2014

    저지방-고단백 기능성 콩식품개발과 부산물활용기술개발
    농림수산식품기술기획평가원 2009-2011

    식물유전자원 병진단 검정기술 및 안전보존체계 개발
    농촌진흥청 2007-2010

    GM 옥수수의 생리생태적 환경위해성 평가기술 개발
    농촌진흥청 2008-2010

    중북부 지방에 적합한 자운영 선발 및 재배법 확립
    농촌진흥청 2005-2007

    -Development of techniques to remove germination ability of LMO cotton seed for establishing organic animal production.

    -Effect of Oxygenated water on plant growth.

    -Development of resource recycle system and promotion of fuel utilization of bioenergy crops.

    -Cultivation and selection of Korean native foliage plant for new secondary metabolite.

    -Development of functional soy food product with low-fat and high-protein and technique for processing value-added products using by-products.

    -Development of seed inspection and restoration system for establishment of national safe preservation system of agricultural plant genetic resources.

    -Development of physio-ecological risk assessment technology for genetically modified corns.


    ◎ Seed Science and Technology


    종자 발아생리 연구

    종자처리 및 가공 (Priming, Scalification 등 ) 을 통한 종자 발아율 향상 기술 개발

    바이러스 감염종자 건전성 확보 연구

    종자감염 곰팡이 , 박테리아 불활성화 연구

    무병종자 생산기술 개발 연구

    종자 감염 진단 연구


    ◎ Patents



    1. 박과식물감염성 바이러스 검출용 올리고 뉴클레오타이드 . 2007.

    2. 식물 감염성 세균 또는 곰팡이 검출용 올리고뉴클레오타이드 . 2008.

    3. 큐어링 방법 . 2014.



    1. 초임계 유체를 이용한 콩기름 추출방법 및 그 부산물을 이용한 저지방 두부의 제조방법 . 2008.

    2. 초임계유체를 이용한 종자 소독방법 . 2010.

    3. 바이러스에 감염된 식물체로부터 무병주 및 종자를 생산하는 방법 2012.

    4. 조용매 상승효과를 이용한 초임계 이산화탄소에 의한 곰팡이 포자 살균 방법 2013.

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