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Prof. 이상호


E-mail: sangho@korea.ac.kr


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    PhD (1989), Department of Anatomy & Human Biology, Division of Biomedical Sciences, King's College, University of London, London, U.K. (Developmental biology)



    Professional experiences

    83.10 - 87.12 (Visiting scientist) 
    Medical Research Council Experimental Embryology & Teratology Unit, St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London, U.K.



    88.01 - 89.02 (Non-clinical scientist) 
    Medical Research Council Experimental Embryology & Teratology Unit, St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London, U.K.



    89.03 - 96.05 (Assistant, Associate professor) 
    College of Natural Resources, Korea University, Seoul



    92.01 - 92.02 (Visiting scientist) 
    Department of Animal Production, University of College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland



    96.01 - 97.02 (Visiting scholar) 
    Department of Anatomy, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K


    96.05 - Present (Professor) 
    School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul



    Contact us

    Rm. 441, Life Sciences Bldg. (Hana Science Hall), Division of Life Sciences,  

    145 Anam-Ro, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul 02841 , Korea

    [02841, 서울특별시 성북구 안암로 145 고려대학교 생명과학부 하나과학관 A동 304호 ]

    e-mail : sangho@korea.ac.kr

    Phone : +82-2-3290-3423

  • Curriculum

     83.10 - 87.12 (Visiting scientist) Medical Research Council Experimental Embryology & Teratology Unit, St. George’s Hospital Medical School,  London, U.K. 
     88.01 - 89.02 (Non-clinical scientist) Medical Research Council Experimental Embryology & Teratology Unit, St. George’s Hospital Medical  School, London, U.K. 
     89.03 - 96.05 (Assistant, Associate professor) College of Natural Resources, Korea University, Seoul 
     92.01 - 92.02 (Visiting scientist) Department of Animal Production, University of College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland 
     96.01 - 97.02 (Visiting scholar) Department of Anatomy, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K 
     96.05 - present (Professor) School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul


  • Publication

    International Journals


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  • Research

    Vertebrate development from a fertilized egg to adult form is a dynamic process, involving cleavage, cell proliferation and differentiation. In particular, germ cell lineages and somatic stem cells are fascinating materials for the study of vertebrate embryogenesis and regeneration process upon damage. Among the many critical components involved in stem cell maintenance and differentiation, stem cell niche (microenvironments) is one of the regulatory components in the process. Stem cell niche includes many different molecules consisting of the extracellular matrix and adjacent cell membrane components. It also includes diffusible factors derived from immune responses and diet nutrients from the peripheral blood vessels. The goal is to understand how this highly complex niche may regulate stem cell population including cancer stem cells. By manipulating molecules, cells and tissues, we look into the properties, and functions of the niche questioned. Some of the clues obtained should provide new ways of maintaining, improving and repairing natural stem cell niche, leading to mild treatments of the damaged tissues and insights into cancer prevention and treatments. [Korean]

  • Teaching

    준비 중입니다.

  • Lab Members


    -   Gul Nabi Khan (MSc, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan), gulnabi@korea.ac.kr


    -   Tae Seop Shin (BSc, Life Sciences), shints@korea.ac.kr



    Previous lab members



    -  Tae Ho Byun (PhD, 1992, KU), Vice president, Pangen Inc.


    -  Tae Hyuk Ko (PhD, 1994, KU) Manager, Business Service Team, Korea University

    -  Seung Cheol Choi (MSc, 1994, KU; PhD, 2001, KU) Research Professor,  Korea Univ Medical School

    -  Hyung Jin Yoo (MSc, 1994, KU; PhD, 1999, U Cambridge, U.K.) Research Officer, Harvard  Medical School

    -  Seung Woon Seo (MSc, 1997, KU; PhD, 2003, U Warwick, U.K.)  Research professor, Catholic Medical School.

    -  Woo Sik Lee (MD, MSc, 1999, Yonsei U; PhD, 2003, KU) Professor, CHA University.

    -  Jae Hyun Lee (PhD, 1998, KU) (주) 지텍바이오메디컬

    -  Sung Eun Park (MSC, 1993, KU; PhD, 2003, KU)  

    -  Sun Uk Kim (MSc, 1996, KU; PhD,  2005, KU) National Primate Research Center, KRIBB, Daejeon

    -  Kwang Hee Lee (MSc, 1996, KU) Researcher, National Veterinary Research Quarantine Service

    -  Hwang Lee (MSc, 1995, KU) Researcher, National Veterinary Research Quarantine Service

    -  Wan Jong Joo (MSc, 1997, KU) Researcher, USA

    -  Hong Joon Lee (MSc, 1997, KU; PhD, 2007, KU) Researcher, Brain Disease Research Center , Ajou University

    -  Jae Won Jeon (MSc, 2001, KU) Researcher, KRIBB, Daejeon.

    -  Joon Kim, PhD, Professor, Lab of Disease Functional Genomics, Graduate School of Medical Sci & Eng, KAIST, Daejeon

    -  Tae Hyung Kim (MSc, 2001, KU) Amorepacific Co.

    -  Su Young Choi, MSc, Senior Researcher, Life Science R&D Institute, Rexgene Biotech Co., Ltd.

    -  Mi Jin Park (MSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Seung Kyu Choi (MSc, 2002, KU)

    -  Ki Seok Lee (MSc, 2000, KU; PhD, 2007, Vienna U) Post-doc.

    -  Sun Young Moon (MSc, 2002, KU)

    -  Ida Lee (MSc, 2001, KU) Researcher, Korea Food & Drug Administration

    -  Hwa Soon Oh (MSc, 2003, KU) Researcher, Maria Clinic

    -  Hong Hee Yeon (MSc, 2003, KU) Woong Bee Meditech Co.

    -  Joo Young Jung (MSc, 2005, KU)

    -  Su Hong (MSc, 2006, KU; PhD, KAIST, 2014) Bio&Brain Engineering, KAIST

    -  Chang Nam Hwang, PhD, Resarcher, Quarantine & Inspection Division, National Fishery Products Quality Management Service, Minstry of Oceans & Fisheries, Gyeonggido

    -  Na Na Cho (MSc, 2007, KU) Researcher , Woong Bee Meditech Co.

    -  Dong Soo Kim (PhD, Liverpool U, 1998) Post-doc, KU

    -  Hyo Soon Chung (PhD, Kyung Sang Natl U, 2004) Post-doc, KU

    -   Seungho Jo (MSc, Cell Biol., 2014, KU), elia86@korea.ac.kr

    -  Eun Jin Kim (MSc,2016, KU), eunjink@korea.ac.kr

    Previous BSc internship training members


    -  Ji Yong Oh (BSc, 2000, KU)

    -  Mi Sun Lim (BSc, 2000, KU)

    -  Man Shik Choi (BSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Soon Won Lee (BSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Min Shin (BSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Jae Soek Lee (BSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Jae Man You (BSc, 2001, KU)

    -  Sun Joo Lee (BSc, 2003, KU)

    -  Sang Hyup Lee (BSc, 2003, KU)

    -  Sung Kyun Moon (BSc, 2003, KU)

    -  Su Hong (BSc, 2003, KU)

    -  Joo Young Jung (BSc, 2003, KU)

    -  Jin Hyuk Park (BSc, 2004, KU)

    -  Dong-Hun Lee (BSc, 2004, KU)

    -  Jung-Kyu Ryu (BSc, 2004, KU)

    -  Min Seok Jeon (BSc internship, 2004, University College London, UK) 

    -  Mi Young Kim (BSc, 2005, KU)

    -  Eun Kyoung Bae (BSc, 2006, KU)

    -  Seok Hyun Kim (BSc, 2007, KU)

    -  Sun Min Jung (BSc, 2007, KU)

    -  Hee Sun Kim (BSc, 2007, KU)

    -  Yeo Sun Hong (BSc internship, 2007, Imperial College London, UK)

    -  Han Bin Lee (BSc internship, 2008, University College London, UK)

    -  Si Eun Chung (BSc internship, 2009, Bristol University, UK)

    -  Kyu Yong Song (BSc internship, 2009, Taegu Oriental Medical School)

    -  HaeJee Yoon (BSc Internship, 2009, Michigan University, USA)

    -  Han Bit Kang (BSc Internship, 2013, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany)