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Prof. 이숙자

Phone: (82 2) 3290-4914
Email: scslee@korea.ac.kr 


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    Department: Adult Nursing
    Office: School of Nursing 2104
    Phone: (82 2) 3290-4914
    Fax: (82 2) 927-4676
    Dr. Sook Ja Lee , PhD, RN, is a scientist, served as dean of the College of Nursing from March, 1999 to Feburary, 2003 and as chair of Nursing Research Institute of Korea University from March, 1997 to Feburary, 1998. She served as chair of Korean Association for College of Nursing from 2002 to 2003 and as president of the Korean Society of Adult Nursing from January, 1998 to December, 1999 and as chair, committee of Accreditation & Evaluation of Nursing Education in Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing(KABON). Now, Dr. Lee served as consultant of the Hana Care Center, which is a university-industry cooperation and the elderly care facilities of Hana financial public utility foundation. Also, She served as a consultant of dementia resources center in DoBong Gu, Seoul, Korea and as a manuscript reviewer for the Korean Journal of Adult Nursing and as a audit, Korean Academy Society of Critical Care Nursing.    


  • Curriculum


    ∙ Post-Doctoral Fellow (September 2004 to Feburary 2005). University of Michigan (U of M), Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.
    ∙ Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing(PhD) (September 1993 to August 2003). Yonsei University, Graduate School, Department of Nursing, Seoul, Korea
    ∙ Master of Science in Nursing(MSN) (March 1977 to Feburary 1979). Korea University, Graduate School, Department of Nursing, Seoul, Korea
    ∙ Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) (March 1971 to Feburary 1975), Korea University, College of Medicine, Department of Nursing, Seoul, Korea



      ∙ Korean Nurses Association, member 
      ∙ Korean Society of Nursing Science, member 
      ∙ Korean Society of Adult Nursing, member 
      ∙ Korean Academy Society of Nursing Education, member 
      ∙ Korean Academy Society of Critical Care Nursing, member 
      ∙ Korean Association for Dementia, member 
      ∙ Korean Society of Adult Nursing, manuscript reviewer for the Korean Journal of Adult Nursing.
      ∙ Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Lamda Alpha Chapter, Social Support Interest Group, member


      ∙ Registered Nurse, Korean License 
      ∙ Certificate of School Health Teacher Qualification
  • Publications


    ∙ Neuroscience Critical Care Nursing, 2nd ed., Koonja Publication Co., 2010.4       
    ∙ Basic Care for the Disabled Elderly and Dementia,, Korean Association for Dementia, 2009.10  
    ∙ Multiorgan System Critical Care Nursing,, Koonja Publication Co., 2009.9
    ∙ Neuroscience Critical Care Nursing, Koonja Publication Co., 2007.10


    Journal Articles

    ∙ Sung Reul Kim, Sun Ju Chung, Soo Yeon Yu, Mi Sun Kim, En Ok Park, Shin, Nah-Mee, Sook Ja Lee (2011). Predicting Factors on Fatigue in Patients with Parkinson’s disease, Korean J Adult Nurs.,  23(4). 
    ∙ Kasil Oh, Yang Heui Ahn, Hyang-Yeon Lee, Sook-Ja Lee, In-Ja Kim, Kyung-Sook, Choi, Myung-Sook Ko(2011). A Study on Korean nursing students' educational outcomes. J Educ Eval Health Prof., 8(3)., 1-8
    ∙ Park, Young-Joo, Shin, Nah-Mee, Choi, Ji Won, Lee, Sook Ja, Nam, Myung Hyun, Kim, Sung Reul(2011). Cardiovascular Health and Depressive Symptoms and Well-being Status in Community-based Korean Women according to Hwa-byung Symptoms. Korean J Adult Nurs.,  23(1), 60-71,   
    ∙ Park, Young-Joo, Shin, Nah-Mee, Yoon, Ji-Won, Choi, Jiwon, Lee, Sook-Ja(2010). Comparison of Cardiovascular Health Status and Health Behaviors in Korean Women based on Household Income. Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, 40(6), 831-843.
    ∙ Lee, Hyang Yeon, Oh, Kasil, Ahn, Yang Heui, Lee, Sook Ja, Kim, Inja(2010). Exploratory Study on Scales of Nursing Education Outcome. Journal of East-west Nursing Research.. 16(1), 53-60. 
    ∙ Kim, Sung Reul, Chung, Sun Ju, Shin, Nah-Mee, Shin, Hae-Won, Kim, Mi Sun, Lee, Sook Ja(2010). Resilience in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. J Korean Acad Adult Nurs., 22(1)., 60-69. 
    ∙ Chung, Ock-Boon, Han, Seong-Yeul, Lee, Sook-Ja, Kim, Kyoung-Eun, Lee, Jong-Ho, Lim, Jung-Ha, Chung, Soon-Hwa(2009). How affect influences creativity: The ediating role of self-regulation, The Korean Journal of the Human Development, 16(2), 171-190.
    ∙ Keum-Sun Han, Youn-Jae Oh, Sook-Ja Lee, Sun-Kyung Cha, Hyun-Cheol Kang(2009). Influencing Factors on Emotional Competencies of Nurses, The Korean Journal of Stress Research, 17(1), 19-25, 
    ∙ Oh, Kasil, Oh, Kyong-Ok, Lee, Sook-Ja, Kim, Jeong-Ah, Jeong, Chu-Ja, Kim, Hye-Ryoung, Jun, Hoa-Yun, Kang, Jung-Hee(2008). Psychometric Evaluation of the Korean Social Support Questionnaire. Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, 38(6), 881-890.        
    ∙ Kim, Hye-Ryoung, Oh, kasil, Oh, Kyong-Ok, Lee, Sun-Ock, Lee, Sook-Ja, Kim, Jeong-Ah, Jun, Hoa-Yun, Kang, Jung-Hee(2008). Quality of Life in Low Income Korean Aged, Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, 38(5), 694-703.
    ∙ Kang, Jung-Hee, Kim, Jeong-Ah, Oh, Kasil, Oh, Kyong-Ok, Lee, Sun-Ock, Lee, Sook-Ja, Jun, Hoa-Yun, Kim, Hye-Ryoung(2008). Health Status, Depression, and Social Support of Elderly Beneficiaries of the National Basic Livelihood Security  System. Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing, 20(6). 866-882.    
    ∙ Cho, Nam Ok, ko, Sung Hee, kim, Chun Gill, Yang Soo, Oh, Kyong Ok, Lee, Sook Ja, Jung, Yu Jin(2008). The Level of Importance on Education of Long Term Care Nursing Assistants Perceived by Caregivers of the Elderly, J Korean Acad Soc Nurs Edu., 14(1)., 127-137. 
    ∙ Ock-Boon Chung, Seong Yeul Han, Sook Ja Lee, Cheon Hee Lee, Soon-Hwa Chung, Kyoung-Eun Kim, SeJin Oem(2008). Children's Social and Emotional competence Levels and Friendship Quality According to Peer Status. The Korean Journal of the Human Development, 15(2), 17-52.
    ∙ Oh, Kasil, Ko, Myung Sook, Kim Inja., Lee, Sook Ja, Ahn, Yang Heui, Lee, Hyang Yeon, Choi, Kyung Sook(2007), A Study on Measurement Tools of Nursing Education Outcome.,  - Pilot Study -. Research Report,  
    ∙ Song, Jun-Ah, Jang, Sung-Ok, Lim, Yeo-Jin, Lee, Sook-Ja, Kim, Soon-yong, Seol, Geun-Hee(2007). Factors Affecting Loneliness in Community Dwelling Korean Elders. J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 14(3), 371-381. 
    ∙ Han, Keun Sun, Khim, Soon Yong, Lee, Sook Ja, Park, Eun Sook, Park, Young-Joo, Kim, Jeong Hwa, Lee, Kwang Mi, Kang, Hyun-Chul, Yoon, Ji Won(2006). Family Functioning and Quality of Life of the Family Care-giver in Cancer Patients. J Korean Acad Nurs., 36(6), 983-991. 
    ∙ Gyeong-Ae Seomun, Sung Ok Chang, Pyoung Sook Lee, Sook Ja Lee, Hyun Jeong Shin(2006). Concept analysis of coping with arthritic pain by South Korean adults; Development of a hybrid model, Nursing and Health Science,. 8(1), 10-19. 
     ∙Lee, Sook Ja, Park, Eun Sook, Park, Young-Joo, Han, Keum Sun, Im, Ji Young(2006). Effect of the Hypertension-Management Educational Program on Hypertension Awareness of the Life Planner in Korea, J Korean Acad Psych Mental Health Nurs., 15(1)., 57-64. 


  • Research

    ∙ Development of Nursing Intervention for the Chronically Ill Adult 
    ∙ Rehabilitation Nursing of the Ill Adult 
    ∙ Health Promoting Behaviors & Quality of Life in the Chronic Ill Adult & Family 
    ∙ Curriculum Development in Adult Nursing


  • Teaching

    Undergraduate program:
      ∙ Adult Nursing(regulatory & sensory needs) 
      ∙  Adult Nursing Practice
    Graduate program:  
       ∙ Advanced Adult Nursing I
       ∙ Seminar on Research in Nursing Intervention
       ∙ Seminar on Theories of Health Promotion
  • Lab Members

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