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Prof. 최상윤 (Sang-Yun CHOI)


Tel: 02-3290-3441

Fax: 02-927-3091

e-mail: sychoi@korea.ac.kr

Add: 서울특별시 성북구 안암로 145 고려대학교 자연계캠퍼스 하나과학관 A동 513호










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    Lab. of Molecular Biochemistry 분자생화학연구실




          생체스트레스 혹은 감염원 유발 질병들의 발생기전을 전사 및 단백질발현 조절 수준에서 규명하여,


           질병치유 및 감염제어를 위한 기초 지식을 제공하고 궁극적으로 유전자치료에 기여함.








  • Curriculum


    ⦾ Education


    ∙ Ph.D.: Univ. of California, Davis, Biological Chemistry, USA, 1990

    ∙ Master: KAIST, Biological Science & Engineering, Korea, 1981

    ∙ Bachelor: Korea University, Food Science, Korea, 1978




    ⦾ Professional Experiences


    ∙ Professor, Division/Dept. of Life Sci., Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 1995-present

    ∙ Instructor, Boston University, MA, USA. 1992-1995

    ∙ Post-doc, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA. 1990-1992

    ∙ Researcher, Agency for Defense Development, Seoul, Korea, 1981-1984










  • Publication


    ‣ Shin, N., C.W. Pyo, K.I. Jung, and S.-Y. Choi, Influenza A virus PB1-F2 is involved in regulation of cellular redox state in alveolar epithelial cells, Biochem. Bioph. Res. Co., 459(4) (2015)

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  • Research


      The specific goals of our laboratory are to establish an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the fundamental control mechanisms of gene expression process in conjunction with viral infection and stress-related disorders. Current efforts focus on the investigation of the biological roles of cellular and viral gene factors and their impacts on cellular defense mechanism. One of these studies has been extended to the establishment of a gene therapy technique in bone marrow or primary cells. These works will be thus allowing us to provide a ultimate therapy scheme for the treatment of a variety of cellular disorder and deficiency.




    ⦾ Research area


    ‣ Transcriptional and translational control of cellular and viral genes

    ‣ Control mechanism in degenerative diseases

    ‣ Physiologically functional molecules and their roles in cell metabolism




    ⦾ Ongoing projects


    ‣ Control of gene expression in response to virus infection and ER stress

    ‣ Biomedical approach to therapeutic defenses in degenerative diseases

    ‣ Lentivirus-based regulated-secretion system for the treatment of haemophilia A











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